My Laughing Birds closed November 10, 2020.  

 Amina and Emad opened their own small enterprise, Amina and Emad  Custom Sewing and Design.  I gave them our confidential pattern, as well as to stock that help them get started.  They also have all the designer fabric at their finger tips.  They are both comers from Syria, so I will be their mentor, to help them with the Canadian ways.   There first customer is Backyard Wild Birds and Nature store.  Christmas masks are also available.All patterns are available in three layer masks, all three layers are 100% cotton.  The middle layer is 100% cotton batiste, it is much more comfortable than polyporpoline and long lasting like the designer cotton.

We have delivered

  • a basket of 50 masks, to the Nanaimo Child Development Centre,

  • a basket of 50 masks to Open Table in Ladysmith

  • two baskets of 50 masks to Loaves and Fishes,

  • one basket of 50 masks to Haven House.

I am not sure why the universe changed on a dime, but I will trust in God and share from the journey.  


Diana Slater

Novmeber 20 2020

These are the masks Amina and Emad are focusing on to start.

Masks, that celebrate Nature 

Designer fabrics recognized by quilters and known for the beauty, consistency of colour and long lasting wear. Designer fabrics include Hoffman, Laurel Burch, AnneLauder and many more.

Fitted masks from the smallest to largest for most designs.

100% high quality cotton and batiks

fitted masks that fit the smallest to largest of faces

Masks ready for purchase with nose aluminum nose clipped sewn in

100% high quality cotton and batiks

The nose clips are made out of aluminum and have been designed specifically for masks. They do add time to the process making. What is great about the nose clips is with the cold weather approaching glasses will not fog up as easily.

Made in Nanaimo, B.C.

More Mask Details

  • We make each mask individually in our homes in Nanaimo, British Columbia

  • All masks are 100% high quality cotton.

  • The third layer is 100% cotton sewn directly in the mask during construction.  The third layer is 100% cotton batiste.  It is much more pleasant than polypropoline and larger lasting, and easy to launder.

  • Our pattern has been adapted to have fitted cheeks, to steamed glasses.  The snug fit which is adjustable with an adjustable and anchored elastic

  • A nose wire may be necessary for some who want that extra protection, or more support on cold winter days.

  • We have five sizes we work with, cut especially for you.  

  • We use high quality polyster elastic, should it break we will replace it for free

  • We shop local first to support the Quilting Shops we love

  • We have access to designer fabrics through special orders

  • We do not invoice the order until it is ready to ship

  • We send you an invoice via email and you are welcome to pay by e-transfer or credit card

  • We appreciate your business as it supports two newcomers from Syria, two seniors, one teen, and my house full of parrots


For questions please email

  Our Masks are made in Nanaimo, B.C.

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