My Laughing Birds Dream 

It was my dream to start My Laughing Birds. It was a place where my creativity blended with my enthusiasm and love for parrots. We started Too Crazy Birdy Hotel in 2014 and it has become so welcomed in the community of birds. Before having the privilege of caring for these feathered babies I constantly created quilts and embroidery to share with my friends and family. I have now blended these two passions, creating designs that showcase these majestic birds. I was also developing safe huts and fancy collars to help parrots from plucking.  All is a labour of love while I am caring for parrots. 

The direction changed to support my loved ones with face masks. This journey started in March by perfecting a pattern that was a good fit, easy to assemble, and give you the protection when you are among crowds. I sewed over 150 masks and tested them in my circle of family and friends. I now offer them to you.  All masks are 100% high quality cotton from local quilt stores and not fabric barns. We have variation of designs from funky designs we used for quilts, to sea themes, floral designs, birds, etc. We post current designs on our website and Facebook page. We are self-isolating and creating from the parrot material I collected from other projects. We support our local Quilt stores, most especially Serge and Sew, Nanaimo and Sweet Pea Quilting, Parksville.  Thus colour combinations are unique to many of the masks, I am most passionate about parrots as many designs feature them. 

We also have a supplier of exclusive 100% cotton designer fabric that is exquisite. I have focused on parrots again for this fabric but can offer some designs to our fellow animal lovers of cats and dogs.

All masks are fitted to the face and do not need a nose band. They are high quality cotton on the front and back, top stitched and crafted with the skill of a professional quilter. This is the labour of love and the desire to support people.  

  • Our masks are non-medical facial masks that cover the nose and mouth, to protect others, while you are social distancing.

  • We are in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada, we can ship to anywhere in the world.

  • We are artisans who love fabric arts, enjoying this project, as we work co-operatively together.

  • We are not a factory, we enjoy our homes, our gardens, and life on Vancouver Island.

  • We do special requests, and will do quotes for businesses to help them meet the needs of their industry in this new era.

  • For the quality does not reflect the price, they are affordable by most.

  • We have donated over 100 masks and will continue to do so.

  • We are a team- two newcomers from Syria, two teens, three seniors and a flock of parrots that live with us.

Call and discuss all your needs,  

This all changed early in November 2020.  The change was sudden as insurance issues surfaced.  I shared the Christmas inventory with many groups, as well as donated the nature inventory to Amina and Emad.  I refuse to let bureaucracy get in the way of creativity.  But for now I am focusing on Too Crazy Birdy Hotel, and learning about machine embroidery as we isolated because of covid

 Diana Slater


diana wallpaer right.jpg

Brandy and I enjoying some sun. I want you to see my smile.


My new look since early March. This one is for Canada day, we all had to  have a hat that made us happy.  

Emad and Amina were surprised by the recent developments and welcomed the new responsibility

This are pictures during the summer