Sizing & Design

All faces are different - what size is best for you?

We have been fine tuning this for the summer, and we now can confidently say that the mask will fit you, with the adjustable and anchored elastic.   The new Medium mask will fit 95% of women as  incorporates the need for the fitted face as well as the adjustable elastic, it is a perfect fit every time.  If we get it wrong we will adjust it for you.   



Painting Eggs

  Extra small (ages 3 - 6), fine featured  children in primary school

Children under three should not wear a mask.  All masks come with over ear elastic and is fitted from top of nose to the chin.  This mask has adjustable elastic for a snug fit


Boy's Portrait

Children in grade school about grade 4 

It is fitted from top of nose to the chin.  Elastic is adjustable for a snugger fit.


Blond Smiling Woman

95% of the masks ordered will fit both medium and petite women with our new adjustable elastic, and form fit

This is a fitted mask with elastic that has adjustable elastic.    It is comfortable yet form fitting to nose and cheek.  This mask is an ideal size for women who are petitemmedium, large in dress sizes . Some men also prefer this size.  It fits most women size 2 to 20


Portrait of a Man

Large fits 90% of men 

Elastic is adjustable for a snugger fit and occasionally an extra length of elastic is required. It is fitted from top of nose to the chin.  Extra large is available but so far we have  only had three sold and they are made at the time of the order.

Extra Large

Fashion Portrait of a Bearded Man

Larger than Large, Fits men's with beards

Elastic is adjustable for a snugger fit and occasionally an extra length of elastic is required. It is fitted from top of nose to the chin.  Extra large is available we specialty cut, as they are not as popular but they are an excellent  fit for those who have a beard


News Flash 

At the beginning of  November Health Canada all non-medical face masks should have three layers.  Effective immediately we will havee this option as part of our inventory.  They  will be the same cut and design as the two layer masks. The third layer will be 100% cotton, preshrunk 120x80 thread count and will be a permanent liner that washes as well as the 100% designer cotton.  Our fitted two layer design and adjustable elastic for a firm fit to the nose and cheeks, will provide protection as a lighter option for non-medical face masks. I prefer cotton as a third layer for ease of laundering, environmentally friendly properties and consistence in product.  The polypropylene mentioned in the news release by Dr. Tam,  can has very different properties if purchased from the wrong supplier

Ordering via Email 


To order please provide

  • Your full name

  • Your phone number just in case I have questions

  • Your email so that I can invoice to you through my Accounting program. E-transfer or credit card is accepted for payment

  • Your address to mail your items or to be delivered locally

  • The sizes you wish; tiny, small, medium and large; check sizes carefully, extra large is also available upon request

  • The options - third layer cotton lining, remember it could be much warmer to wear  (two layers are available, just ask

  • The nose clip -- some masks are premade with this option, if it is a designer mask be sure to ask for it.

  • If you want a nose clip in one or all of your masks just ask, we are happy to do that for you.

  • Please note no masks can be exchange the nature of the product. However, if there is a problem we are happy to adjust it, fine tune it or redo it. We want you to be happy and comfortable.  

  • We fix all elastic issues -- we want you to be happy.  

  • Diana still helps us as a mentor.  We will get everything to your satisfaction

Amina and Emad