I started this designing journey when I wanted  to support my loved ones with face masks. This journey started in March perfecting a pattern that was a good fit, easy to assemble, and give you the protection when you are among crowds. I tried all different patterns, and found that everyone felt this was a good design, I simplified it so that any new sewer could make one for their family.


With the Covid 19 Pandemic and recommendation to wear a mask when out in public. I got input from Brenda who was a medical professional and now volunteers for surgeries in Guatemala.  I had the help of Allison, my niece, for all the technical sides of web design, handouts and social media. I fine-tuned a pattern by Joann  to a Flip and Sew Mask. I wanted to share broadly with everyone. If you want the more complex designs, click on the button below. None of these patterns can be sold. They are for the hobby crafters and sewers. If you want to make your own enjoy yourself.  Be sure to include the document "How to Wear a Mask" to all you give away. Keeping it safe is important.

 Diana Slater

"I saw your instructions online for the face masks, and have made three!! One for my 90 year old Dad, one for myself, and one for my spouse.  Will have the opportunity to try them out tomorrow when I have to take Dad to the lab.  They fit great, way more comfortable than I expected. I used old bra straps for ear loops - they lie flat and are comfortable!  What a good way to get rid of old. bras! Thanks for the instructions!"

Kathleen, April 2020

Disclaimer: This mask is not meant to replace the surgical face mask in the market especially during the COVID-19, it is a contingency plan for those who have no availability to surgical masks in the market.