-"I love the hummingbird mask. That’s why I ordered more. They are so unique and the fit is perfect. Thanks for doing this." - Joanne, August 2020

-"Thank you so much for the masks! I especially love the complimentary dahlia mask. I’ll be sure to spread a good word about how wonderful they are." - Jordana, August 2020

-"We just bought two of your masks (tropical fish design) from PetsWest in the Broadmead Village. They're great--thanks." - Michael, September 2020

-"Thank you very much for my masks.. I absolutely love them and will be ordering more next month." -  Pepe, September 2020

-"Thanks so much.  They are lovely and everyone loves their mask." - Tracy, October 2020 

-"Love my mask! Comfortable, styling and keeping safe. Thank you Diana Slater!" - Tatyanna, September 2020

-"It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for my lovely masks!  I'll definitely be letting my friends know about them." - Joanne, October 2020

- "I got the mask and love it!! Thanks so much for delivering and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!" - Nicole, October 2020

-"I am very glad I have three of your masks. They have come in very handy for work and grocery shopping and they don’t leave me suffocated when I wear them all day! Thank you!" - Mya Cormie Facebook October 6

-"The masks are amazing! I just got them today." - Denise, July 2020

-"Just got a call from Louise's sister to say she got her mask and she absolutely loves it! You nailed it!

Thank you ever so much." - Charles and Louise, 2020

-"The three masks arrived today.  They are so beautiful, thank you.  I can hardly wait to go out somewhere so I can wear mine.  Actually, the gym I attend in Parksville is starting up again next Tuesday, so I'll be wearing mine then." Christine, 2020

-"We love our masks!" - Kristen, 2020


-"I love those little dogs and I .I love my Moluccan mask, Diana. Got it today, with my African grey one. Fits perfectly."- Joanne, September 2020


-"Love the masks! I got two of them, they are beautifully made and very good material. At first they were a bit big and I unfortunately received ones with elastics on them, I asked for ties. I let her know about my little issue and with no hesitation she sent me brand new replacements! Definitely recommend!!!" - Maria, July 2020

- "Just wanted to say thank you for the masks. They arrived today.  You did a great job!  They are fantastic and fit much better than what we were using. 

Many thanks," Jeff and Susie, Tennesse, October 2020

-  "I bought one of your masks for myself and got my mom one and we both love it i bought 3 more" Cheyenne, October 2020

- "These masks are 100% wonderful, they fit like a glove and are beautiful. I love mine." Loki, October 2020

-"Hello Diana, I looked in my mail box and found a package from you.  What a lovely surprise!!!  TWO BEAUTIFUL MASKS!!!!  You went above and beyond! Not many business owners do that today.  I'm impressed and very grateful. I posted it on the bird site I belong to. Appears some people already know you there and all had positive things to say.  Thank you again for you exceptional kindness.

Imogen October 2020


"thank you. they fit perfectly". Rev. Susan Hermanson. November 2020

"Thankyou for the mask remake. It's perfect. The huming bird represents my friend who is disabled and the frog is me. I really appreciate your doing this. The other is lovely. My favorite colour. " Pauline Warren November 2020 Facebook