-"I love the hummingbird mask. That’s why I ordered more. They are so unique and the fit is perfect. Thanks for doing this." - Joanne, August 2020

-"Thank you so much for the masks! I especially love the complimentary dahlia mask. I’ll be sure to spread a good word about how wonderful they are." - Jordana, August 2020

-"We just bought two of your masks (tropical fish design) from PetsWest in the Broadmead Village. They're great--thanks." - Michael, September 2020

-"Thank you very much for my masks.. I absolutely love them and will be ordering more next month." -  Pepe, September 2020

-"Thanks so much.  They are lovely and everyone loves their mask." - Tracy, October 2020 

-"Love my mask! Comfortable, styling and keeping safe. Thank you Diana Slater!" - Tatyanna, September 2020

-"It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for my lovely masks!  I'll definitely be letting my friends know about them." - Joanne, October 2020

- "I got the mask and love it!! Thanks so much for delivering and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!" - Nicole, October 2020

-"I am very glad I have three of your masks. They have come in very handy for work and grocery shopping and they don’t leave me suffocated when I wear them all day! Thank you!" - Mya Cormie Facebook October 6

-"The masks are amazing! I just got them today." - Denise, July 2020

-"Just got a call from Louise's sister to say she got her mask and she absolutely loves it! You nailed it!

Thank you ever so much." - Charles and Louise, 2020

-"The three masks arrived today.  They are so beautiful, thank you.  I can hardly wait to go out somewhere so I can wear mine.  Actually, the gym I attend in Parksville is starting up again next Tuesday, so I'll be wearing mine then." Christine, 2020

-"We love our masks!" - Kristen, 2020


-"I love those little dogs and I .I love my Moluccan mask, Diana. Got it today, with my African grey one. Fits perfectly."- Joanne, September 2020


-"Love the masks! I got two of them, they are beautifully made and very good material. At first they were a bit big and I unfortunately received ones with elastics on them, I asked for ties. I let her know about my little issue and with no hesitation she sent me brand new replacements! Definitely recommend!!!" - Maria, July 2020

- "Just wanted to say thank you for the masks. They arrived today.  You did a great job!  They are fantastic and fit much better than what we were using. 

Many thanks," Jeff and Susie, Tennesse, October 2020

-  "I bought one of your masks for myself and got my mom one and we both love it i bought 3 more" Cheyenne, October 2020

- "These masks are 100% wonderful, they fit like a glove and are beautiful. I love mine." Loki, October 2020



  Our Masks are made in Nanaimo, B.C. at 1479 Frontier Place 



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